The (Very Unofficial) Hub for Blaseball Info

An incomplete archive and info center for Blaseball (2020-2023)

Last updated November 8, 2023

Right now, the code to this website is in regular HTML, with a bit of Semantic HTML mixed in. I hope to use only Semantic HTML in the future, so that this site is more accessible to screen readers. However, I'm still learning HTML, and I need to get the basics down first :)

I am not very skilled in website building, but hope that I can add tabs and make this more organized soon!


Currently happening:


A cat holding a sign that says mail.

If you want your event added, message me! I'm on discord as wretched_weevil or on tumblr as orbleglorb.


A blinkie that says site in progress, styled to look like caution tape. trans flag eight-striped pride flag a button that says powered by the void in black text on a gray background. there is a black void next to it. a button with an old internet aesthetic that says the web is yours a button made to look like a hello my name is name tag that instead says made with affection. affection is written in handwriting cursive. a button gif of mail sliding into the frame, then the words Send It to a Friend appear a blinkie that says have a day with two stressed-out looking emojis on either side of the text.